Santa is on his way to visit a very special friend.
The sleigh, pulled by eight reindeer, is flying low over the housetops when Santa recognizes his little friends home. After making a wide turn in the air, the sleigh lands gently on the snow-covered ground.

Santa, climbing down from the creaking sleigh, talks to his reindeer who mysteriously express their concerns to him. He explains they are not there to deliver toys, but only for a short visit with a young friend.
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Seeing his young friend coming toward the sleigh, Santa gives a greeting, talks a bit, and while walking together to the child's home, he sings his favorite song, "Jingle Bells."

By the end of the song, they have reached their destination and go in. Seated together in the living room by the fire -- the child on a little hearth bench and Santa in a squeaky old rocker -- Santa talks, sings, recites poetry, and they sing many songs together.

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After the last song, "Silent Night," Santa says it's time to go, and together they walk back to the sleigh.

On the way, Santa reminds his little friend of the many things they have talked about, and gives encouragement for continued good work.

Upon reaching the sleigh, Santa gently scolds his reindeer for being so restless, then turning to the child with a few final farewells, climbs into the sleigh and off they go.

As Santa's voice and the jingling bells fade away, the child stands alone looking up, seeing only the stars and hearing only the lingering sounds of the night...
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What people are saying about
A Visit From Santa...

"This is far more than an album of Christmas songs.  It's become an inspirational tradition in our home during the holidays."
Chris ~ Oklahoma

"My kids grew up with this CD and it has become a family Christmas tradition. Little Brother is destined to become a Christmas classic
C.B. ~ Georgia

"A Visit From Santa is definitely a family favorite! We don't even wait 'til Christmas to pull it out; we enjoy it all year 'round!"
The Roselius Family ~ College Station, Texas

"While listening to this enchanted Christmas album with my grandchildren,I am immediately transformed back to my childhood.  Magically marvelous!"
D. Smith ~ Indiana

"A Visit from Santa is a magical, musical encounter with the jolly old elf himself. It is certain to become a holiday favorite!"
The Bartons ~ Austin, Texas

"Great for kids ages 1 to 92!"

"I love that this CD shows a Santa who embraces Jesus at the manger, too! We can have the magic that Santa brings to the Holiday AND celebrate it's true meaning all at the same time."
Jenny ~ Texas

"Christmas favorites with a personal touch."

"A Visit from Santa has been a holiday tradition in the Jobe house for more years than I can remember. It is truely magical. We listen to it every year as we put our tree up and also when we are opening presents and every other chance we get."
Missy Jobe ~ Victoria, Texas

Instrumental Settings by Claire Beall, Written and Produced by Charles Beall, Engineered and Mixed by Marius Perron III, Recorded at United Audio Recording, San Antonio, Texas, Originally Mastered at A&R Record and Tape Manufacturing Corp., Dallas, Texas, Website and Cover Design by Michael and Tess Barton, Santa's Voice by Santa Himself, Santa's Helpers were Mary McKinney, Violin, Joseph Scholz, Bass, Morgan King, Flute, Laurie Buchanan, Harp, Charles Beall, Percussion, Claire Beall, Keyboard, Reissued by Santa Records 1986-2014.

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